aluminumcool (aluminumcool) wrote in absinthenpoetry,

Is there anyone here anymore?

I'm curious about Absinthe. What is it like?
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unfortunately or fortunately real absinthe (meaning with wormwood) is quite difficult to come by in the US given regulations...only 2 European countries (Spain and Czech Republic) that now allow the full potent absinthe that I suppose has been re-popularized through such movies as From Hell and Moulin Rouge...It's a unique flavour and yes, there is a difference from country to I first tasted Absinthe in the Czech full version (you don't always get the famed ...high of the first try)...from what I can pull from the friends who were with Pernod (a liquor) either you love it or hate it...if you want some links as to how to acquire a small bottle (tasters if you will), post back or leave a comment in my journal and I'll get them to you. Hope this helped ...Cheers!'re right it seems no one is in this community anymore...wish they were!
*wicked grin* smells like black jelly beans.
Indeed, pernod i might add (Dr. Ordinaire's father of absinthe if you will, called his son-law pernod, and left him and his sisters a recipe) was infact absinthe in the beging', before the mass ban on the awesome elixir.

The best" absinthe (La Bleue) was by far the orginal which stemmed from the swiss Val-de-Travers, which now makes the blue-prints for todays produced absinthe.

The taste does indeed differ, german for instance has no anise.
Czech? id adivse to stay clear of buying as it is by far the worst absinthe one could buy ;)


if you get this, could you email me?
it is the funnest, happiest dunk you'll ever have. its better then jegger and chartuce its beyond your expectation of enjoyment. ive never seen munipulated colors nore things that werent there as far as i know, but as far as i know if you can get past the strength of the alchohals smell and taste then youll probably be a regular with the absinthe bottle